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Gutter i Haukåsbakken

Drammen in brief


  • The city of Drammen was founded in 1811 as the two towns of Strømsø and Bragernes were united.
  • The city shield was originally created in 1715. It says "In fide et justitia fortitudo" (From faith and justice comes strength).
  • The old part of the city hall was sketched by Nils S. Eckhoff and was built in 1871.


  • The mayor (“ordfører”) of Drammen is Mr. Tore Opdal Hansen, representing the Conservative Party.
  • The city is run by a coalition consisting of The Conservative Party, the Progress Party, The Christian People's Party, The Liberal Party and the local Drammen Byliste.
  • The City council consists of 49 representatives.


  • Chief municipal executive (“rådmann”) is Mr. Osmund Kaldheim. 
  • The municipality of Drammen employs approximately 4300 people and 3350 man-labour years.
  • The budget is 3.4 billion NOK.


  • The total area of Drammen is 145.2 square kilometres, including 9.5 square kilometres of lakes and rivers, 15.8 square kilometres of farming land and 89.9 square kilometres of forest.
  • The population is approximately 64,000 (2011), which makes Drammen the 9th biggest city in Norway.
  • Drammen is located in the county of Buskerud, 40 kilometers and 35 minutes south-west of Oslo.
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