Full-scale emergency exercise at Drammensbadet

On Thursday 24 November, police, healthcare, and military personnel will conduct an exercise in and around Drammensbadet. The exercise is planned as a mass casualty exercise. You may hear shooting and noise from the area.

The exercise will take place from 09:30 a.m. at approx. 3:30 p.m. The footpath between Drammensbadet and the athletic stadium will be closed off from 09:00 a.m. until approx. at 12 noon. During this period, pedestrians will have to walk around the athletics track. The map below shows the alternative route.

Drammensbadet will be closed until 4:00 p.m. this day.

Map with lines showing closed off footpaths and alternative routes.

PICTURE: Pink/red lines shows closed off footpaths. Yellow lines shows alternative routes.

Communication and cooperation training

The exercise takes place in two places, respectively Drammensbadet and Drammen hospital.

The first part of the exercise takes place at Drammensbadet, where the exercise is to handle a mass casualty situation with elements of PLIVO (ongoing life-threatening violence). The aim is to practice how the emergency services and military personnel communicate, and how all personnel involved should act and cooperate in dangerous situations.

The exercise continues at Drammen Hospital. Here, treatment of the injured and transporting them to the emergency department will be practiced. As a result, the traffic to and from the hospital may be heavier than usual from approx. at 11.45 and onwards.

Information via SMS

Residents, schools, kindergartens, and businesses in the immediate area will be notified of the exercise. In addition, an SMS will be sent to everyone who is registered as a resident in the area around Drammensbadet.

While the exercise is in progress, everyone who enters the exercise boundaries will receive an SMS with information about the exercise.